414 East Victoria Ave.
Thunder Bay, ON P7C 1A5

The Underground Gym & Youth Centre provides free access to multiple activities & meals for vulnerable children & youth in need. We are dedicated to promoting & teaching fitness, healthy lifestyles, self-confidence and self-respect.

Our Story

The Underground Gym provides free food & clothing for families in need at 414 East Victoria Ave every Wednesday & Saturday from 10am to 1pm.
The Underground Gym also has access to an outside drop-off box. For more information about the Underground Gym call: 807-622-5666.


Our 2023 Supporters

Shout Media (Web site provider) 
Reg Nalezyty 
(Architectural drawings)
Fran Kotovich (Architectural drawings)
Boston Pizza (Free weekly pizzas since 2005)
Pizza Hut (Free monthly pizzas since 2005)
SASI Water (Free water since 2005)
First Wesley United (Weekly fruit & muffins)
Dave Jonasson (Private guitar lessons)
Frank Romeo & Krystal Cyr (Free haircuts)
Bev Picard & Edie Hashiguchi (Pottery classes)
Matty Jose (BJJ)
Gloria Ranger (Boot camp)
Peter Anderson (Pool lessons)
Nicole Casmey (Gymnastics)
Kamview (X-Country skiing & snowshoeing)
Loch Lomond (Downhill skiing & snowboarding)
Gammondale Farm (Sleigh ride)
Carol Anuik & friends (Thrift store organizers)
Versatile (Pizza delivery)
Ecole de la Verendrye (Donation of laptops)
TB Public Library (Donation of computers)
Safeway on Dawson (Food donation)
Apex (Security monitoring)
TB North Stars & the Marks Family (Hockey equipment)
Alloy Technical Welding Services
(Anti-theft grid)
DRD Construction (Construction help)
Bur-Met (Roofing expertise)
Iron Range (Bus servicing)
Painter’s Union (Andre Pellerin) (Financial & labour supporter)
Newmont Mines (Financial supporter)
Matawa (Financial supporter)
On the Links (Financial supporter)
Masonic Lodge (Financial supporter)
Sullivan & Associates (Financial supporter)
Norwest Pest Control (Donated service)
Mary Currie (Beading class)
Greenworks (Donation of a snowblower)
Debbie Coran Anderson (Piano lessons)
Kevin Brothers (UGG lawyer & donor)

Our 2022 Supporters

Shout Media (Web site provider)
200+ donors (Christmas hampers)
Boston Pizza
) (Free pizzas weekly since 2005)
Versatile Delivery (Free pizza delivery)
Bruno Valente (Financial accountant)
First Wesley United Church (Fruits & muffins weekly)
Viperhawk (Computer repairs)
Frank Pollari (Fund raiser)
Lorrina Belluz (Jewelry making)
Jennifer Roukkula (Gingerbread houses)
Bill Roukkula (Handy man)
Leigh Shannon Wood (Tutor)
Jacob Wood (Tutor)
Mario’s Bowl (Free Bowling)
Music World (Discount on instrument repairs)
Newmont Mines (Financial supporters)
OPG (Financial supporters)
Pizza Hut (Free pizzas monthly since 2005)
SASI Water (Free water since 2005)
Signs Now (Free logos on vehicles)
John Andrews Foundation (Financial supporters)
Iron Range Bus Lines (Financial supporter & donation of a school bus + servicing)
Wakefield Oil (Service our vehicles)
George’s Market (Donation box for food & clothing)
Vince Fiorito (Chess lessons)
Gloria Ranger (Boot camp)
Paris Macaulay (Beauty consultant)
Superior Coatings (Paint for our “Cool” bus)
TB Gymnastics (Free lessons)
St Francis School (Financial donation)
Westmount School (Financial donation)
Frank Romeo & Krystal Cyr (Haircuts)
Valhalla (Donation of equipment)
Peter Reslinski (Drum lessons)
Bicycles for Humanity (Bicycle donations)
Stacey lafleche Lauchlin (Fundraiser)
Lori Paras (Donations of clothes & storage)
Movati (Donation of equipment)

Ron Thiessen (Financial donor & volunteer)
Jim Bidnall (Financial donor & volunteer)
Carol Anuik and Crew (Thrift store volunteers)
Mini Go Ride (Fund raiser)
Brandon Esquega (Volunteer)
Nick Boucher (Volunteer)
Myria Esquega (Indigenous program volunteer)
Lily Chouinard (Indigenous program volunteer)
Erin Marie Bottle (Indigenous program volunteer)
Shan Roman and Dave King (Hula hoops & face painting)
Ben Kirk (Grav Maga)
Gail Miller (Financial donor & volunteer)
Jim Spence (Handyman)
Trevor Harris (Handyman)
United Fighter Crew (Help with work)
Clow Darling (Plumbing)
TBayTel (Telephone & internet)
Mary Ellen Cain (Financial supporter)
Safeway on Dawson (Food donations & financial supporter)
Pelletier’s Auto Body (Body work)
Mike Pellini (Piano mover)
Sherri (Easter baskets)
LU Tech Lab (Donation of computers)